Everything Old is New Again

I am appreciative of the attention to detail in this Italian restaurant. Merging the old world with the new, from the flag poles that fly the local news, to the booths, that with a simple mechanical turn of the table can go from an intimate seating for one to friendship for two. Function, form, and beautiful design. Once lost, now found, simplicity is here to stay. -tM

Photography: Mariell Lind

Spaces of Serenity

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I love the way one would move through this room. Straight lines direct you but the curves entice you to linger a little longer, to take a seat, to loose your inhibitions.

Sensual, classic, and contemporary, the colour and texture of this space move you toward an inner state of peace. tM

You Are Here

When you accept and respect where you are at, and begin to go with the flow of your surroundings, life begins to flourish within and around you. -tM

Photography: Unknown


"Loving is a journey with water and with stars, with smothered air and abrupt storms of flour: loving is a clash of lightning-bolts and two bodies defeated by a single drop of honey." - Pablo Neruda

Artist: Cy Twombly

There is opposition and struggle even in love.  A force so great, that if willing, allows you the opportunity to become more then what you are, by inclusion. -tM

Miss Liberty

While she was being built there were parts of her gracing specific locations from Paris to the United States. 

This kind of process display would never happen today. I think her fragmented tour was an interesting way to at the very least make space in the workshop while the rest of her was being shipped off piece to piece to her final resting place. It also gave people the appreciation of her exact proportions, which were to say at the very least, quite intimidating. -tM

Photography: Photo No. 1: Edgar L. Owen, the rest are Unknown, 1800's

1. Paris Fair, 2. Philadelphia, 3. New York, New York

Garden Scapes

From Mediterranean and Spanish Hacienda inspired gardens in Los Angeles, to an 18th century restoration of a chateau in France, the art and design of landscaping is just as important as interior design.  It is all part of the architectural design of the home. There is no separation, it is just an extension. -tM

Photography: 1stdibs

Now and Then

 Artist: Peter Doig

Artist: Peter Doig

I often go in and out of my head, daydreaming, writing poetry,  creating cinematic moments while engaging with life through rose coloured glasses. Everything is romanticized, and beauty is found in the simplest of gestures. Even the "ugly" becomes an opportunity to look at the intricacies of the place, face, or situation that I find myself privy to. 

Although yesterday I found myself in my head ruminating on thoughts that I had no desire to revisit, but did. Instead of letting them pass through, to avoid obsessing or going back to places I had no desire to revisit I kept moving. Moving my body in hopes that it would take me out of my head. I sat in the sun, I ran errands, I meditated, I read, yet I still felt somewhat restless. 

I guess sometimes we all of have those days. However I did notice that yesterday's brooding reminded me of how much my life has changed, inner and outer. So I guess sometimes going back, just a little, can also reinforce ones present intentions. -tM

Urban Landscape Architecture

Roberto Burle Marx is Rio's Picasso of urban garden and landscape architecture.

His garden's are like abstract paintings using local flora as colour. His vision as an artist, and urban space designer not only introduced  modernist landscape architecture to Brazil but made him a sought after landscape architect around the world, he has worked on public spaces in Miami, Malaysia, Argentina, and Pennsylvania, to name a few, providing beauty and dignity for the masses. 

His colourful treatment of pavements, symmetrical use of patterns, local plants, and water, transform an otherwise concrete space into an open-air museum of movement and life. 

A beautiful legacy and inspiration left behind for future city planners and landscape architects alike. One can only hope that they keep moving forward in his creative spirit and preservation of nature in art and in life. -tM

Breaking with Tradition

 Photography: Unknown | Magazine, Nuvo

Photography: Unknown | Magazine, Nuvo

I have always been drawn to asymmetry. There is something very intelligent about being able to make asymmetric patterns work, whether it be in art, fashion, architecture, or design. 

Balance is always a factor, there must be precision in its execution or the irregular outline will look haphazard and mistakenly thrown together.

The wall at Osteria Savio Volpe in Vancouver inspires me to break away with the traditional hanging of art. I appreciate the off centre lighting, the scale of large panels to small portraiture, hung directly over the leading line sitting regally above its patrons.

The eye wanders in observation, why not let it contemplate in curiosity. -tM