Photography: Unknown | Kate Moss

Photography: Unknown | Kate Moss

I love the ritual of putting make-up on. I find it meditative, peaceful. I connect to my inner self, which outwardly gets expressed through the face I choose to put on that day. I am not an artist by any means, although I do creatively express myself through clothing choice, the design of my home, and my grooming rituals. Life really is an art. -tM

The Eye of the Mind

 Photography: Unknown | St. Tropez, France

Photography: Unknown | St. Tropez, France

I have two great seductresses in my life, Beauty and Nostalgia.

Nostalgia's capacity for seduction rests in the power of our memory versus experience, a looking back with longing, a desire to linger in a moment or person that is now nothing more then an apparition. 

While Nostalgia may be a temptress, Beauty can be said to be our raison d'etre. Without its grace, its harmony of purpose and form, life as we know it would cease to exist,  no reason for living, nothing to inspire and fuel the soul. Beauty is grace, and grace is life. 

Beauty if sought after can be found everywhere, there is no escaping its allure, as it holds within its core the ecstasy of life.

I should know, because for good or bad there have been times where Beauty has kept me there. -tM


 Photography: tM | Custom Made

Photography: tM | Custom Made

The Perfect Nude/Red, is now possible.

If you are a woman, you know how hard it is to find the perfect red or perfect nude for that matter. And if you are like the rest of us, your make up bag is plenty full of once hopeful shades of reds and nudes that rarely see the contours of your lips after falling short of being that "perfect" variation of either colour.

So in hope and in the name of curiousity a girlfriend and I set off to BITE LIP BAR to see what we could see and to create what we could create in hopes of customizing a nude/red for our very own.

Totally self indulgent, the process of a custom made lipstick was interesting. Beginning with lip prep, to discussions of what you feel comfortable wearing, throw in personal style, and skin tone suitability, as well as the trial and error of the layering and mixing of shades, the hope is that by the end of the process you will have in your hands and on your lips your most true and perfect shade of red/nude for you.

That being said, I ended up with a brown nude that I would not have thought would have looked this good on me. The most perfect shade, perhaps not, but one that suits my current tanned skin tone, YES! 

Cool experience, and fun to do, custom anything in my opinion is always the way to go because in reality, at the end of the day, you will end up spending much less money in the future looking for that perfect something, on substitutes, and things that come close but are just not quite. -tM





What would the world do without beauty?

A driving force that is essential to life, it too has technicalities and rules that need to be followed in certain industries and occupations. It definitely pleases the aesthetic senses as it truly resides in the eye of the beholder.

No matter how you "see" it or "experience" it, beauty is everywhere, and its only requirement is being present.

How do you experience beauty? Is it a motivating force in your life as it is in mine? -tM

It's a Vogue Idea

Italian Vogue

created a special "all black" issue. It was a project piloted by the late Franca Sozzani because of the lack of diversity in the fashion world. Loved my many, and hated by some, the issue received both praise and criticism.

I hope that at the very least it created a dialogue about inclusivity and euro-centric points of view, and as to why as a society we have to create "special editions" of magazines to bring attention to such important matters in our diverse culture. Will this solve the problem. No. But every little bit helps. And an open discourse may very well assist. -tM

Walking on Sunshine

Photography: Olivia Malone

I chase the sun. Even as a child I would take all my clothes off and frolic in the kid sized pool on our balcony. My three best summer friends were the water, popsicles, and my sun chair in which I would lay completely bare, with the exception of my green sunglasses, and let the sun touch every part of my little body.

Something's never change, except now I take care to SPF my face, hands, and chest, and that is it, so as not to wrinkle and age prematurely. The rest of the body needs to be able to soak in  the vitamin D (Did you know SPF prevents that from happening?). So these days I am happy to be walking in the sunshine.

What is your approach to the sun? Do you avoid it entirely, run after its rays, or do you meet its light in the ampleness of the shade? -tM

What is in a Face?

Artist: Amedeo Modigliani | Nu assis, 1918

I read an article from a sociological stand point the other day entitled "How to Love Ugly People." Yup, you read it right. I instantly laughed and then the title peaked my interest. I was curious as to what advice or perspective this article had to give.

It focused mainly on the inequality of "beautiful" people vs. "ugly" people, by facial comparisons. It also looked to art to aid in the shifting of our biases from what we find to be facial perfection in our culture currently.

Apparently, just like with art, the more we really study a painting and learn about its origins, the more we find ourselves engaged in its beauty. It suggests doing the same for individuals who have interesting facial features, hence not making them your typical handsome man or beautiful woman. The premise is that the more we study these faces, the more we will learn to discern and appreciate their attractive qualities.

Forget about being struck by someone's beauty, challenge yourself to finding someone's beauty, remain open to a face that may initially appear uninteresting. Perhaps their eyes are wise beyond their years, move past their nose, to their lips, which may be lusciously voluminous and ripe like apricots ready to be bitten into; I am paraphrasing here, but you can understand the position.

The article ends by saying that perhaps by making an effort to see the facial beauty in everyone that we could help to generate a world more apt to apply generosity and "ingenuity" to the way we read the human face.

All in all the article made good sense in finding beauty in the average day and person in general, but I suspect that most of us do this subconsciously already? I know that the more time I spend around certain people the more beautiful they become to me. I always look for the most beautiful feature on a persons face and watch it be alive. But then again, I am always in search of beauty, and it's like the article says, the more you look and study, the more you will be graced by its presence.

So let's all raise a conscious glass to finding beauty in the mundane and to "Loving Ugly People." -tM

Amazing Hair

Photography: Unknown | Tracee Ellis Ross

I have always loved her. She exudes incredible beauty and confidence. That aside, she is also the master of all kinds of hairstyles. This one in particular is incredible. It's classic, sexy, sophisticated, and looks effortless (although perhaps that would not be the case on all hair types). I have replicated it on myself, and it is hands down a winner. If you are looking for some hair inspiration look no further then Tracee Ellis Ross. -tM

Shine On

Photography: Shot by Piscine Molitor, Paris | Orchid Soleil Parfum, Tom Ford

In case of summer emergency open and spray. Even the bottle is a seductive reminder of summer. Reminiscent of the bronze glow of the skin, it is an alluring invitation to the endless possibilities of its days and nights.

It is Tom Ford's latest fragrance.  It is said to capture the magic of the most brilliant sunshine. Perhaps a spray a day will keep the gloomy winter blah feelings at bay. -tM

Magnetic Beauty

Photography: The EDIT

I suppose it was just a matter of time before the beauty industry would jump on the band wagon and begin incorporating magnetic therapy into their products. Magnets have been used in medical practices for thousands of years, from healing bone fractures to easing arthritic pain. The buzz these days has been around the force behind the magnets anti-aging properties. Yet another opportunity to potentially drink from the fountain of youth.

The use of magnetic masks has proven to aid in a natural skin rejuvenation. It's main target is fine lines and elasticity of skin. The masks themselves contain metal particles such as iron and oxide. It is essentially the same two step process as with any other mask, however, the difference is in the removal.  This mask is then lifted off of the face with an actual magnet, allowing the toxins to be  drawn out in a deeper cleanse, leaving behind a radiance that continues to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover. The added benefit is that the minerals themselves have deeply penetrated through the skin enabling them to continue to treat the skin for a duration of time.

I am curious and interested in not only the immediate but also in the prolonged results. It brings the mineral rich mud baths from the greater parts of the world  right to your door step in two easy steps with hopefully the same lasting results. -tM

 Explore Mineral Masks:


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Persuasion of a Primitve Kind

Photography: Unknown

Smell is our most primal sense. It connects us to our animal selves more then our other senses do, a part of us we tend to deny. Tied to memory, desire, and seduction, scent is potently connected to our imagination:

"Perfume is potentially a carrier for the imagination. Perfume is thick; it is poison and pure desire; it is eros in person." -Serge Lutens

When has a scent seduced you?


The Writing on the Mirror

Photography: Photofest | Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall..." there is "no sale," today.  The reflection in the mirror does not lie, neither does the camera. Aging can sometimes be cruel. And even though I welcome so many aspects of the aging process,  adoring and appreciating the woman I have become through life's generosity; offering me many opportunities to reflect and grow. However, I find it a little disconcerting and still have difficulty with the lines, the bags, and the loss of elasticity in the skin that tend to be more pronounced on certain days then others.

There is no magic formula except for a better sleep, trying to hold a tan as long as possible to reduce the visibility of the lines and increase the natural glow from within without lotions or potions, staying hydrated, and taking your fish and flax seed oils. And of course, OF COURSE, finding a great shade of lipstick to brighten the entire face (I recommend finding a red hue that works for you).

Some days are better then others, and as women we need to remember to be kind to ourselves, accepting and appreciating where we are today, how far we have come,  and trying not to focus on the lines and imperfections as often, and instead honouring the strength, honesty, and the truth of our beauty.

 In my opinion there is no beauty without truth and kindness. And on those days when we can't see past the mirror, throw on a little extra concealer, a good lipstick, and a some perfume, and know tomorrow will be a better day. -tM