The Short of It

The trend for F/W18 from the likes of Roksanda, Phillip Lim, to Marc Jacobs and many more are scarves and more scarves, closely tied around the neck like the exaggerated bows of our childhood.

It looks like the scarf will be the next "MUST HAVE" accessory of the season. I predict we will see them adorning, shirts, coats, even denim jackets. The neck seems to be where it's at in the days to come. -tM

Photography: Self Service Magazine | 1. Roksanda 2. Phillip Lim 3. Marc Jacobs

Art x Life

 Photography: Edward Olive | Legs of a fashion store mannequin

Photography: Edward Olive | Legs of a fashion store mannequin

Edward Olive on Art:

"Art in reality is: soul,

connections, communication, capture, preservation of moments in time, people and their insides, places and their essence, original, thought, original technique, original points of view, the provocation of thought, cathartic experiences, plays on words/puns/paradoxes, oxymoron, humor, sadness, joy, pleasure, any emotion, breaking barriers and conventions, personal exploration, the sharing of one’s experiences, obsession, reinvention, revolution, new angles on old subjects, putting together or combining preexisting elements in new ways, a reflection of an era and its norms, a reaction against the era and its conventions, a rebirth of old thoughts and techniques from the past that don’t now exist, political comment, social awareness, anything, everything."

Living, truly being alive, in and of itself is an art. -tM

Street Snaps

Social documentation.

I have always appreciated the raw capture of life, style, and culture that street photography seems to conquer in one fell swoop. Who could ask for a better backdrop, or for more interesting participants.

A palimpsest of detail, it's life, unabashedly staring you in the face. -tM

Photography: Jamel Shabazz | 1980's, NYC

Compare and Contrast



the Balkan traditional peasant foot wear now only worn with a costume for folkloric dance. 



Loewe's new sneaker of the season. 

Photography: Ulrich Knoblauch | Backstage at Loewe

What goes around, comes around kids. A new take on a shoe that has been part of the Balkan peasant culture for hundreds of years.

One thing is for certain, I won't I will be jumping on this bandwagon any time soon. 

How about you? -tM

The Iceman Cometh, but not quite yet.

 Photography: Herb Ritts | Absolute Cindy | Vanity Fair, 1994

Photography: Herb Ritts | Absolute Cindy | Vanity Fair, 1994

I was at the beach yesterday. It is mid-September and bikini weather.

The skies were clear, sandcastles were being built, and bbq's were as hot as the day was long. I feel like it's a catch me if you can, going out of business kind of an encore, and although this feels like summers continuance, it is a reminder for all of us to seize the day before the chill settles in for its long winters nap. 

Summer 2017, your encore is simply stupendous. I am sure I speak for us all when I say "Thank you." -tM