Existentialist Minimalism?

Calm, and patient, this video explores the minimalist architecture of Le Corbusier, who was one of the pioneers of urban planning and architecture. He dedicated his life to providing better living conditions for those residing in crowded cities.

I can still hear the ocean and distant highway traffic long after the picture has stopped moving. -tM

My Own Private Idaho

I revisited this film last night. I haven't seen it since its debut in 1991. I have a different appreciation for it now. Loosely based on Shakespeare's King Henry IV,  the two story lines running parallel to one another, are one of privilege and boredom, and the other of desperation and necessity. 

The film houses both the grit and beauty of life,  poignantly highlighted by the cinematography,  becoming a writing of its own in images, movement, and in sound.  -tM


 Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

The letting go that comes a long with the warm weather reminds us that most of the time all we really need to heal  is sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.

Who needs the spa when you make the time to dip your feet into the water, and allow space for balance in your life. -tM

Complex Systems

I find this immense flock of digital starlings by Dutch photographer and director Desiree Dolron to be meditative, even mesmerising.

I am lulled into a state of total relaxation by the amplified murmuring sound made by the soaring flocks, giving the impression that we are listening to human whispers as opposed to the sound of a thousand beating wings.

In tune and tuned in, we have so much to learn from nature.-tM




The Speech

What a gift to be given the permission to be yourself at such a pivotal time in ones life. So many of us move away from who we are at such a young age for various reasons, only to find ourselves struggling to find our way back later on in life. 

This beautiful monologue touches everyone on perhaps a different level depending on their age and position in life.  

Important words to hold close and confidently live by. -tM

Excerpt from: Call Me By Your Name

Moments of Destruction

I remember the ritual of breaking in my point shoes. Collectively they were such proud moments for me. I am not certain as to why, perhaps because I was good at the entire operation and dissection of it all.

I think every dancer, athlete, performer, chef, painter, or innovator, has a ritual to break-in their shoes or tools with which they create. They become an extension of your unique ability to create and give back to yourself and to the world. -tM

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." -Picasso