Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

The letting go that comes a long with the warm weather reminds us that most of the time all we really need to heal  is sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.

Who needs the spa when you make the time to dip your feet into the water, and allow space for balance in your life. -tM

Out of Office

 Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I am out of office and could not be happier for it. In that same spirit, I am also setting a theme for this summer of mine:

I plan on embracing the spontaneity of life, and also its idleness. It will be a time of both adventure and impulsiveness as well as practising the art of being silent in observance of everything and nothing around me.  A time to be still in moments when there are no distractions, accepting what is, where I am, and how I feel. 

I look forward to what may be, in present and in future. -tM

Swimming Pool Culture

For those of us not fortunate enough to live by the ocean or a lake, pool culture, especially in the late 70's to early 90's, was our way of dipping into an entirely new movement. Life was cool by the pool, public or private, it was a place to lounge, show off our bodies, flirt, and if you were a kid, to be independent of worry, as there was no getting in trouble for the decibel level with which you chose to exert your freedom at.

It was a place of mental and social relaxation, a cultural smorgasbord, which translated into a space of liberty where you were at ease to talk to others from all walks of life.

Something happens when we gather around water, it's as if we know that life is bigger then us, our defence's seem to take a back seat as we begin to move to the rhythm and pulse of its spirit.

Life is better by the pool, it's sexier, it's easier, and at times even chicer. -tM 

Photography: Vogue, 1978; Unknown, 1960, 1978

Dream A Little Dream

The Il Sereno hotel in Lake Como, Italy was designed by Patricia Urquiola and opened in 2016.

The palatial estate, the the beauty of its design, both interior and exterior are what dreams are made of. Its inspiration rests on the infinite beauty of the landscape and is evocative of romance and sexy Italian summers. 

I am hopeful of one day returning to Lake Como, and when I do, I will make it a priority to sojourn here. If only for a night or two. -tM

Fortune: Some pursue happiness; you create

 Design: Hanna Stenstrom and Jennie Aden | Fortuna

Design: Hanna Stenstrom and Jennie Aden | Fortuna

Fortune cookie inspired, crack it open from the side and you can even use it as storage.

The little tag translated means "big in words" or "full of hot air" in Swedish.  

Fun and functional. -tM

Time Away

I am thinking about taking time away from the city this summer.

The more I think about what it may look like, the more I realize that I want it to be beautiful, honest, and straightforward.

I want the simplicity of bread, and the stillness that follows the triumph. 

I simply want to make contact with the reality of life in its unadorned state. -tM

Photography: Unknown


Single-Self Time

 Photography: Helmut Newton

Photography: Helmut Newton

How do you spend your "me" time? What does self care or when no one is around behaviour look like for you?

Single time whether you are in a relationship or not is extremely important, especially for women, as I feel like we are always, in many respects, tending to others needs while we often put ours on the back burner.

It is important to sit with ourselves, in observation, we have so many sides to ourselves that are important to get to know. 

I know that time is a luxury, however, the next time you find yourself aimlessly sitting in front of the television set, or surfing the net, think about what what you need to recharge your soul and then slowly begin incorporating it into your life.

As we are ever changing and ever evolving, I know that the recipe will change from time to time, while the basic ingredients may remain the same, however it is crucial that we take care and spend time with the "third character face and self" that the Japanese believe we show now one, so that we may continue to be healthy and fulfilled human beings. -tM

*(The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone).

City Speak

Lately I have been consciously listening to the sounds around me. It has changed the way I feel about the city/environment I occupy.  It has become a form of meditation, as I focus in on certain sounds and let the others fade into the distance. 

Paying attention to the  musicality of the city and its orchestra of many parts, transitions, crescendo's and decresendo's, has assisted me in drowning out the "noise" and has made me aware of nature's powerful presence amongst all of this collision. -tM


 Artist: Picasso | Les desmoiselles d'Avignon, 1907

Artist: Picasso | Les desmoiselles d'Avignon, 1907

Wellness is a vague term used these days to describe the overall general health of a person in the millennium. It has been a trend that many have capitalised on. There are wellness spa's, dentists, juice bars, bookstores, homeopathic centres, all believed to aid in the struggle to find ones well being and health again, that somehow got lost along the way. 

Wellness means something different to everyone, and perhaps that is why our society is bursting at the seams with its offerings and variety of solutions.

However, I do believe that there are three generic things that all of us can do to keep and support a healthy mind, body, and soul:

1. Sleep; getting proper rest is important for the brain, cell renewal, and mind clarity.

2. Food choice: what we put in our bodies, provides energy, and is physically absorbed to aid in our growth. We literally are what we eat. 

3. Movement: natural movement. I am not talking about going to the gym or running a mile, just move, walk, garden, bake a cake using only your muscle. It releases tension, it aids in blood flow, and strengthens muscle.

Man, woman, young or old, the above can and will aid in our modern day search for the fountain of wellness. I think sometimes we forget just how simple it is.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, don't you agree? -tM 

Galley Kitchen Envy

 Photography & Design: Unknown

Photography & Design: Unknown

Small spaces can prove to be sexier then larger and spacious ones, simply because there tends to be less room to play with. It often needs to be paired down and kept simple, taking advantage of clean line architecture and then having some fun with pattern or colour.

This is an excellent example of the above. Streamlined, sexy, functional, and sophisticated. -tM