Ode to the Lemon

 Photography: Unknown | Italy

Photography: Unknown | Italy

To paraphrase Pablo Neruda, the blossoms of a lemon tree always carry an aroma of exasperated love after giving birth to a lemon.

I love the freshness that lives in lemons. There lightness of colour and shape is echoed in the clarity of there flavour. Its secret symmetry can be discovered through its fragrance, discerned in part by savouring its balance of acid. It harbours within the most potent and concentrated liqueur nature has to offer in a fruit.

When engaging with a lemon, you captivate all 5 of your senses. -tM


What Does it Take?

 Photography: Henri Cartier Bresson | Italy, 1933

Photography: Henri Cartier Bresson | Italy, 1933

What does it take to get comfortable in ones own skin?

Some of us are almost born with it, and others, especially females, struggle with aspects of self-acceptance all of their lives.

It is complicated, as all things are. Perhaps if our society valued what was on the inside instead of focusing on the importance of aesthetic beauty, the result would be vastly different. 

Acceptance, that is all everyone wants, but it has to start at ground zero.  If we accept ourselves, then we care less about others opinions, their perception, and acceptance of us. 

I know, it is easier said then done, but one has to start somewhere, and perhaps self-awareness is where it all begins. -tM

Civilizing Wastelands

Beautification projects by Thrashbird, whose art delves into current global issues, borders on the cautionary yet also hopeful, conveying that no place is beyond rescue. -tM

Photography: Thom Uecker | 'Valley of Secret Values' | Concrete Plant, Oregon

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 Photography: André Pillay | Paths

Photography: André Pillay | Paths

There shouldn't be regrets, there are just different paths to live,

and there within also lays the beauty of life and experience.

In a world that is beginning to look and feel the same no matter where you choose to call home, thank goodness our choices still remain different. It is part of what continues to shape humanity and collectively moves us toward one another whether we realize it or not. -tM

Time Away

I am thinking about taking time away from the city this summer.

The more I think about what it may look like, the more I realize that I want it to be beautiful, honest, and straightforward.

I want the simplicity of bread, and the stillness that follows the triumph. 

I simply want to make contact with the reality of life in its unadorned state. -tM

Photography: Unknown


Single-Self Time

 Photography: Helmut Newton

Photography: Helmut Newton

How do you spend your "me" time? What does self care or when no one is around behaviour look like for you?

Single time whether you are in a relationship or not is extremely important, especially for women, as I feel like we are always, in many respects, tending to others needs while we often put ours on the back burner.

It is important to sit with ourselves, in observation, we have so many sides to ourselves that are important to get to know. 

I know that time is a luxury, however, the next time you find yourself aimlessly sitting in front of the television set, or surfing the net, think about what what you need to recharge your soul and then slowly begin incorporating it into your life.

As we are ever changing and ever evolving, I know that the recipe will change from time to time, while the basic ingredients may remain the same, however it is crucial that we take care and spend time with the "third character face and self" that the Japanese believe we show now one, so that we may continue to be healthy and fulfilled human beings. -tM

*(The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone).

Rainy Thoughts

 Photography: Martin Parr | Dublin, Ireland | 1981

Photography: Martin Parr | Dublin, Ireland | 1981

"And you will always love me won't you?


And the rain won't make any difference?


- Earnest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


Kids, sometimes rain makes ALL the difference. I have lost count of how many days is has been falling; violently pelting our faces with an avalanche of shower and ice. 

It is beginning to feel biblical. After this long, I am not certain of how much I love anything anymore.

One more day.

They say the sun is coming...

I want to hold a piece of it close to my face. -tM