The Promise of a Good Shoe

Photography: Self-Service Magazine

Photography: Self-Service Magazine

One of the thrills, for me, when it comes to shoes, is that they elevate my spirit so much that I feel weightless.

Like a feather I float along, feeling the psychological power brought on by my shoe selection. There is a reason those ruby red slippers had the power to take Dorothy home.

Don’t EVER underestimate the investment in a good pair of shoes. They will give back to you in ways you had never expected. So if you have to scrimp and save for that pair that you have been dreaming about, please do, because they will be well worth there weight/wait in gold. -tM

New Discoveries: Blush Brush


A new discovery.

A blush brush that is made to contour to your cheekbones. For those of you, like myself, who are always playing around with the perfect placement of blush, (esp. as the face changes with age) here is a fail proof way to powder your way to a sculpted face, giving the face the little optical illusion lift that it needs. And really, who doesn’t want those cheekbones to stand out a little more.

You could also use this to contour the face, nose, jaw line etc. With this magical wand you can make all of your cheekbone dreams come true. -tM


Rooftop views elevate.

There is a shift in energy and perspective when one leaves the chaos of the city streets below and takes to parading on the rooftops beyond.

The things that are difficult to say become less so when intimately reacquainting oneself with the sky.

There is an ineffable freedom found amongst rooftops. Even courage finds new opportunity amongst sunsets and sunrises.

They are places where you are permitted to shout your truth and know that they will be heard in confidence. A place where the world on the ground dissolves into a distant memory. -tM

Photography: Unknown | Marrakech


Photography and Konnie Dress: The Line | Brock Collection

This one is so good. Classic, reminiscent of Holly Go-Lightly. A woman of any age and shape could wear this one, no matter what your curves. Take it out for a cocktail, dinner, wear it to the office, or a on a lunch date with yourself. It really is an essential piece and simplicity done well, so much so that no accessories are required. -tM

Shine On

Photography: Shot by Piscine Molitor, Paris | Orchid Soleil Parfum, Tom Ford

In case of summer emergency open and spray. Even the bottle is a seductive reminder of summer. Reminiscent of the bronze glow of the skin, it is an alluring invitation to the endless possibilities of its days and nights.

It is Tom Ford's latest fragrance.  It is said to capture the magic of the most brilliant sunshine. Perhaps a spray a day will keep the gloomy winter blah feelings at bay. -tM

The Essentials

Yonka Cleansing Milk

This cleanser has been the kindest to my skin. It not only cleans, and purifies, but it also balances the skin's pH levels. I have sensitive skin, and this cleanser is gentle enough to use even on the eyes. It removes all residue of make up and leaves the face feeling supple. Its scent is reminiscent of a milky floral and is silky in application. Better yet, it is unisex, so the fellas' can incorporate it into their regime as well. Happy cleansing. -tM

The Essentials

Photography: Unknown | Tom Ford

Every woman should have one pair of black leather/suede heels, preferably pointy-toed. 

They pull together any outfit and add instant sophistication. There is no limit to what you can wear a black heel with. They will service you in the years to come. It is a very utilitarian yet sensual relationship one has with their stiletto's. There is a sliding scale when it comes to walking the walk in these shoes. From the boardroom to the bedroom, and everything in between, they have become part of a woman's arsenal.

You will never look back, although others may.


The Essentials

Photography: tM | CÉLINE

A hoop is not just a hoop, I don't care what any one says.  Finding the right hoop earrings is a feat only known to most women. It is an essential wardrobe piece that much like goldilocks' experience with porridge and beds,  if not the right size, or fit, will simply drag your sad face and outfit down with them.  

When looking for hoops you need to take weight into consideration. The lighter the hoops, the more likeliness that they will stick out from your ears looking like potential rings that lions can jump through. Thickness and size are also important in correlation to your features, one must take in to consideration size of face, and head. Haircut/style, and volume, also need to be thrown into the mix because you simply don't want them disappearing into a voluminous abyss either or overpowering your face and features if your wearing your hair short.

This all sounds a bit too detailed for what some may think of as a trivial accessory, however, it is essential if you want to get the job done right. I have tried many and have finally found two pairs by the same designer that suit me perfectly. Gold, silver, or brass, that is of course your preference, but a good pair of hoops depending on style (I recommend you have at least 2 good pairs) can dress up, or dress down any outfit. They really are a wardrobe essential that like the black dress have in my opinion become a classic.  

It's truly an investment and gift that keeps on giving. Can there be any better kind? 



The Essentials

Photography: tM

The winter is coming, and our lips are already feeling the parch. If there is one essential you must invest in for your lips, it is the  Nuxe Reve De Miel Nourishing Lip Balm. I discovered it a few years back, it is a French pharmacy favourite, and it not only repairs my lips overnight, but it also plumps, nourishes, and works wonders on your cuticles as well. I also like that it is a matte lip balm, which allows you to easily prep your lips before applying lipstick. It literally eliminates cracked and peeling lips which are so unsightly, and noticeable especially when exhibiting a red or darker lip.

You won't regret the purchase. The pot will last you well into a year with everyday use.

It really is the lip whisperer of balms.