The Crowning Touch

 Photography: Eric Roer

Photography: Eric Roer

I have always been a fan of hanging art in the bathroom.

It’s a space that is often neglected, artistically speaking, however the right art can really shift the mood of the room. Have fun with it, be cheeky, sexy, sensual, playful, whatever your heart desires, since it is a small space, the larger the photo/art the better. Statement pieces give the illusion of something bigger, even in smaller spaces they can act as windows in restrooms that have none. Expansive shots of nature will open up the room.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate art into your space, remember that art elevates the soul and it is too important not to share, even in the lavatory. -tM

Decorating God

 Architecture: Hiroshi Nakamura | Ribbon Chapel

Architecture: Hiroshi Nakamura | Ribbon Chapel

Award winning architecture. Where to you get in touch with your personal Jesus/God? -tM

p.s. I find it interesting that in our culture ribbons commemorate, are symbols of remembrance and solidarity, I wonder if that is why he chose the ribbon as recognition of a higher force.

Performance Appeal


A young Depeche Mode up top, still relevant (well to my generation) and David Gahan, after 37 years of doing the same moves, still has one of the most magnetic and sexy presences on stage (I think it is magnified by his deep voice, choice of attire, and need to move his body) I have had the pleasure of enjoying live many times. -tM

That voice. He sings from his gut. This is soul.

When Baroque meets Contemporary

Bach was my favourite composer to play on the piano, complicated pieces, and sounds translated onto the piano. The whole point was to make Bach sound effortless, simple. This young man does what I tried to do with my hands, he simplifies Bach through dance and gives it a secondary life through his own movement.

Simply beautiful. -tM

Walls of Liberty

Photographer Mathieu Pernot documents the art on the walls of an abandoned prison in France. Dreams, desires, and ambitions, remain hopeful and alive in all of these pieces. They exist as emblems of liberty; evocations of past, present, and even future.

I tend to agree with Picasso when he says that “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls.” -tM

The Scent of an Orange

 Photography: Roe Etheridge

Photography: Roe Etheridge

Oranges, clementines, mandarins, each one alerts me to the pleasures and brightness of life.

Today I sat on the subway, eyes closed, in meditation, listening to the train move its way closer to home, when I was awoken by the perfume of an orange. The woman peeling the fruit was at the other end of the subway cart. Its saccharine scent permeated through the air removing thoughts of anything else.

And that’s the beauty of oranges, you are nowhere but here in the presence of there fragrance. -tM

In Appreciation of my Roots

 Photography: Simon Watson | Sicily, Italy

Photography: Simon Watson | Sicily, Italy

I don’t remember much as I was only a child of 11 at the time, but there are certain details of that trip that became important to me; sewn into the fabric of my being. Like the fresco faded walls of my grandmothers house in Serbia, the wall details and decorations that despite poverty, made a home more then just a place to rest your head. The plates, the cutlery, and the food that sustained and gave life.

There was strength built into both of my grandmothers homes. I felt it, even as a young child. Perhaps that is why I chose to remember these very specific details, because against all odds, they were survivors of a life that was difficult, and they did the best they could, making the most of what they were given. -tM


 Photography: Unknown | Kate Moss

Photography: Unknown | Kate Moss

I love the ritual of putting make-up on. I find it meditative, peaceful. I connect to my inner self, which outwardly gets expressed through the face I choose to put on that day. I am not an artist by any means, although I do creatively express myself through clothing choice, the design of my home, and my grooming rituals. Life really is an art. -tM