Light My Way


Dear Nature,

You never cease to amaze me. 

You are incredibly beautiful even in your anger. You are patient and tolerant in ways that we need to be.

You exist simply, beautifully.

You know when to let go and when to unleash your hurt. It is out of desire and purpose that you create.

You hold the basis to our cognitive, spiritual, and aesthetic satisfaction.

I will always feel like a child in your presence. -tM

Photography: tM



Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

Cinematography: Le Mepris, 1963

The letting go that comes a long with the warm weather reminds us that most of the time all we really need to heal  is sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.

Who needs the spa when you make the time to dip your feet into the water, and allow space for balance in your life. -tM

Out of Office

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I am out of office and could not be happier for it. In that same spirit, I am also setting a theme for this summer of mine:

I plan on embracing the spontaneity of life, and also its idleness. It will be a time of both adventure and impulsiveness as well as practising the art of being silent in observance of everything and nothing around me.  A time to be still in moments when there are no distractions, accepting what is, where I am, and how I feel. 

I look forward to what may be, in present and in future. -tM


Photography: tM

Photography: tM

Never Blame Anyone
by Pablo Neruda

Never complain about anyone, nor anything,
because basically you have done
what you wanted in your life.

Accept the difficulty of improving yourself
and the courage to start changing yourself.
The triumph of the true man emerges from
the ashes of his mistake.

Never complain about your loneliness or your
luck, face it with courage and accept it.
In one way or another it is the outcome of
your acts and the thought that you always
have to win.

Don’t be embittered by your own failure or
blame it on another, accept yourself now or
you’ll keep making excuses for yourself like a child.
Remember that any time is
a good time to begin and that nobody
is so horrible that they should give up.

Don’t forget that the cause of your present
is your past, as well as the cause of your
future will be your present.

Learn from the bold, the strong,
those who don’t accept situations, who
will live in spite of everything. Think less in
your problems and more in your work and
your problems, without eliminating them, will die.

Learn how to grow from the pain and to be
greater than the greatest of those
obstacles. Look at yourself in the mirror
and you will be free and strong and you will stop
being a puppet of circumstances because you
yourself are your own destiny.

Arise and look at the sun in the mornings
and breathe the light of the dawn.
You are part of the force of your life;
now wake up, fight, get going, be decisive
and you will triumph in life. Never think about
luck because luck is
the pretext of losers.

The message is loud and clear, never play the victim and accept yourself and the circumstances of your life. Another noteworthy poem and memo from the late great P.N. -tM

Summertime Ease

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Slowing the pace of life down takes on a different meaning depending on your life's circumstances.

Part of the ease into summer for me is taking the time to slow down outdoors. Summer mornings are full of life,  the days are lush and ripe, and the nights throb with all that is vital to our existence.

It is a raw and naked season that leads us back to ourselves and to what is simple in life. -tM


Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Be it personal improvement, the work that we do to provide sustenance, spiritual labour; all of it is an act of doing to ensure our survival, and aid in our well-being.

It is important to remember that through that work and its challenges there are lessons to be learned and opportunities to evolve.

Growth is the silent process of becoming. -tM


Single-Self Time

Photography: Helmut Newton

Photography: Helmut Newton

How do you spend your "me" time? What does self care or when no one is around behaviour look like for you?

Single time whether you are in a relationship or not is extremely important, especially for women, as I feel like we are always, in many respects, tending to others needs while we often put ours on the back burner.

It is important to sit with ourselves, in observation, we have so many sides to ourselves that are important to get to know. 

I know that time is a luxury, however, the next time you find yourself aimlessly sitting in front of the television set, or surfing the net, think about what what you need to recharge your soul and then slowly begin incorporating it into your life.

As we are ever changing and ever evolving, I know that the recipe will change from time to time, while the basic ingredients may remain the same, however it is crucial that we take care and spend time with the "third character face and self" that the Japanese believe we show now one, so that we may continue to be healthy and fulfilled human beings. -tM

*(The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone).


Artist: Picasso | Les desmoiselles d'Avignon, 1907

Artist: Picasso | Les desmoiselles d'Avignon, 1907

Wellness is a vague term used these days to describe the overall general health of a person in the millennium. It has been a trend that many have capitalised on. There are wellness spa's, dentists, juice bars, bookstores, homeopathic centres, all believed to aid in the struggle to find ones well being and health again that somehow got lost along the way. 

Wellness means something different to everyone, and perhaps that is why our society is bursting at the seams with its offerings and variety of solutions.

However, I do believe that there are three generic things that all of us can do to keep and support a healthy mind, body, and soul:

1. Sleep; getting proper rest is important for the brain, cell renewal, and mind clarity.

2. Food choice: what we put in our bodies, provides energy, and is physically absorbed to aid in our growth. We literally are what we eat. 

3. Movement: natural movement. I am not talking about going to the gym or running a mile, just move, walk, garden, bake a cake using only your muscle. It releases tension, it aids in blood flow, and strengthens muscle.

Man, woman, young or old, the above can and will aid in our modern day search for the fountain of wellness. I think sometimes we forget just how simple it is.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, don't you agree? -tM 

Marina Abramovic: On Fostering Love


                            On how best to nurture love: 


“This is from [singer-songwriter] Lou Reed and [artist] Laurie Anderson:

Number one: You’ve got to have a good bulls*** detector, to really understand the bulls*** that people are putting on you.

Number two: Not to be afraid of anybody and anything.

And number three: To be tender.

I think this is the best [advice] that I have ever heard.” -Marina Abramovic

Good Advice


Alicia Key's Golden Rules:


2. Perspective is EVERYTHING. How you see YOURSELF is what you will be.

3. DON'T take any shit. Tell it like it is. HOLDING it in will KILL you.

4. Do it for LOVE. Not money, not acclaim. Do it because it BURNED so deeply within you that you couldn't turn away.

5. GOOD ENERGY trumps all. A person can be the 'BEST' whoever they are,  best at whatever they do,  but if their energy isn't GOOD, don't DEAL with them.

6. Time alone will save your LIFE - don't put yourself on the back burner. One of my favourite sayings by Yogi Bahjan is: "If you don't go WITHIN, you go WITHOUT."

7. Good LOVE keeps you HAPPY and good SEX makes you HEALTHY. Have and GIVE both often.

8. DON'T give it all up. Make people use their IMAGINATION, make them want more - it's the SEXIEST tool we have.

9. The physical body is NEVER as beautiful or as POWERFUL as what's WITHIN. You can be the most outward facing beauty in the WORLD with the ugliest heart and, I PROMISE you won't look GOOD.

10. My most IMPORTANT golden rule is the ACTUAL golden rule: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' If we all did this one SIMPLE thing it could SAVE the WORLD.

Photography: Unknown

Be Light Light Light, Full of Light!

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

         "When you possess light from within, you see it externally. " Anais Nin

Know the kind of life you want to live, if we were all conscious of our actions perhaps there would be less darkness left behind.

Whatever you do moving forward make sure that as life unfolds that you are becoming a better human being - more grounded, more joyful, more clear within yourself. The more clarity you experience from within, the stronger that light shines. -tM


Beauty Rituals

The Royal Tenebaums | Cinema

The Royal Tenebaums | Cinema

The rituals of priming and primping as experienced by both men and women are intimate moments spent with the self.

These days most people solicit the services of a professional to get their beard trimmed, their nails done, or make up applied for special occasions; it seems that presently even our quiet personal beauty moments have become victim to the outsourcing phenomenon.

There is something so charming about the cinematic moment captured above. It serves as a reminder that these moments of "vanity" are actually moments of self care, self love, as these private moments of grooming can be very meditative in practice.

It is most certainly true that it can be difficult to carve out time for the self especially in today's fast paced environment, although the ritual of grooming is a nice way to get back in tune with ourselves and our bodies. So the next time you think of outsourcing your quiet beauty moments, remember the satisfaction of creating a space for some uninterrupted me time. -tM