Finding it & Learning it

“If you have a voice: Learn it. Believe it when it shakes. Activate your humanity somewhere between building and repairing trust with it. Emotionally prepare it. Rest it. Grieve old language. Anticipate the loud thunder of new language. Fund it with love. Use it.”

-Melissa M. Tripp

What a process the above has been for me. My voice still shakes sometimes when standing up for myself and my beliefs, but I do it, because there is so much that using my voice is symbolic of: courage, strength, self-acceptance, growth, vulnerability, trust, self-worth, love, healing, intelligence, self-care, & moving forward with the knowledge that there is still work to be done.

I hope that we all find a way to learn and use our own individual voices singularly and collectively to make changes in the world when necessary. Micro or macro, every step is a step. -tM

Design that Simplifies Complications

Just as I gravitate toward simplicity when it comes to my wardrobe, I too am drawn to the less is more concept when it comes to the design of my space, and in particular the design of the washroom. I want the space to feel like and be just as naked as I am, free of clutter making room for the letting go of whatever I am carrying in mind, on body, or that is spiritually weighing me down.

It’s a place where I connect to myself, quietly, or sometimes in song, opening myself up to letting the water soften me, making me flexible once again. -tM

Photography: Unknown

What Guides You?

Photography: Brassai

Photography: Brassai

I have always found it interesting to listen to what guides a person. Some turn to God, others to fortune tellers, dreamers interpret dreams, while others look for signs. Then there are those who go inward, connecting to their intuition.

Destiny and free will are the two major stake holders in what we choose to believe in and in turn how we choose to live our lives. We are endlessly looking for answers, in hope and in solution. -tM

When Colour Creates Light

Photography: Andrew Moore | Cuba

Photography: Andrew Moore | Cuba

This is a the way to use accents of colour to anchor a room. I love the way this space is peppered with red, from floor to feature walls. There is such purpose in this design. Money has nothing to do with taste, style or design. Cuba and its people have a beautiful way of expressing just that. -tM

Photo found at: Samo Tako, Tako, Tako… Link to source below.