Paintings & Provocations

Artist: Balthus | Thérese Dreaming, 1938

Artist: Balthus | Thérese Dreaming, 1938

I find this painting enchanting and restorative. I do not understand the controversy around this piece as being disturbing and offensive. There is nothing salacious about it in my view.

I understand all art is subjective and that we cast onto it our own personal gaze of experience, however, to have such a piece censored from show, points to a sad state of affairs in our creative world. Is our culture so terrified of sexually awakened girls, of the interior lives of youth, or perhaps it is ourselves that we fear the most?

All I know is that this painting reminds me of what it means to fall into oneself, to shut out the world in daydream.

So if museums need to warn people of arts content on plaques before entering, so be it, because she is too beautiful not to be seen up close and in person. -tM

Riding the Wave


Isn’t that always the way though?

When we least resist and get out of our own way, the rhythm of life naturally takes over.

It’s so important to stay connected to the self, and not lose touch. So tough I know, in the business of this world of ours. I read once that the “strongest position you can be in is surrender.” I have surrendered many a time, and truth be told, I have never felt more aligned with life. Surrendering isn’t a form of giving up for me, it is a way of giving way, of letting go, and letting things unfold as they will. It’s giving up the illusion of control. It’s a state of vulnerability that most, in our culture are not comfortable with.

By the way, perfect flow doesn’t mean that your are riding the wave of happiness to no end. There will be ebbs and flows that take you down as much as they raise you up, because, well, that’s life. But the key is letting it happen, and moving through it with the least amount of fight or resistance, so if necessary the mind, body, and soul, are able to process and heal accordingly. -tM

Art, Design, and Philosophy

Some things to ponder alongside your other Monday fascinations:

"A well designed room should look like you could just walk in and be naked anywhere."

"Play with your sexual fantasies and reverse anything that could be destructive into something positive."

"Find your inner woman, or you're not really a man." -Tom Bianchi

Belonging to No One

Photography: Colin Dodgson

Photography: Colin Dodgson

Belonging to no one: there is a sense of freedom that comes along with the knowing and understanding of this truth. You belong to no one, and no one belongs to you,

Just think about it.

No one feels your joys, your pains, your sorrows. No one. They are unique to you.

We exist together through connection but are ultimately alone.

Your life is your life, and solely your responsibility. -tM

Speaking from the Heart

The broken heart: an inevitable occurrence and a right of passage no matter what your age.

I have always thought that it was a necessary phenomenon, that there are plenty of good things that come from an injured heart, if you so choose to approach it in such a way: lessons, self-reflection, personal growth, and perhaps even a change in the way one lives their life.

During Medieval Times before the capability of Science, individuals believed that the heart was the centre of all things. That decisions were made based on how we felt, that the body moved voluntarily/involuntarily due to the heart and its body driving life force. A lot of attention was paid to the way one felt, to their emotions, and ailments were diagnosed based on the understanding of ones feelings.

Flash forward to the Scientific Revolution where the heart was dismissed for that of the mighty brain. As the brain took centre stage, the heart merely became a secondary player. We were now asked to listen to our brains as opposed to our heart. One was the seat of logic while the other was the seat of emotion, which according to Science, were two separate organs that at times seemed to be working against each other.

Most recently, the Scientific community is finding that the heart-brain correlation is more significant then we ever thought. That the heart speaks to the brain more then we realize. When the heart breaks, when it is in pain, or one gets emotionally upset, its rhythm changes, and that in turn sends a message to the brain that affects its higher decision making processes. There is no real separation. So when someone says, “Listen to your heart, or use your logic” truly they are one in the same. Science is now starting to believe that most of the information we process is emotionally regulated by the heart anyway, that in turn sends messages to the brain.

So in short, take care of your heart, be Medieval about it, listen to it, but also set it free. Let it move in and out of heart break, there is a higher-learning that takes place in such circumstances. And trust it, really be attentive, because it always knows, whether you are in denial about it or not, it is the centre of your emotional and spiritual being.

Your heart is King, pay attention to its voice, and let your mind be the advisor, its a symbiotic relationship, one is nothing without the other. -tM

Artist: Unknown

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

Photography: Ruth Orkin

Photography: Ruth Orkin

Back to front, handbag on foot, foot in hand, heel to heel, curve to curve, nudity to Sunday best, life to art, art to life, hand to thigh, hip to hand, a power pose made grandeur by a supportive gesture, looking away to looking directly at, walking off to stopping by, heel to toe, click to clack…and the beat goes on…-tM

“Composition is selective improvisation” Igor Stravinsky

An Ode to Yellow

A colour often synonymous with the free loving 60’s & 70’s, seems to have somewhat disappeared design wise. The above is a visual ode to the colour itself, used as an accent or in its entirety, yellow marries well with so many colours, and there are so many versions of it to fall in love with.

I remember a girlfriend (who is Irish herself) told me that if you see a house with a yellow painted door, you’d better believe that those residing inside are Irish. It’s a distinctive colour, that can be bold as much as it can be soft, however, anyway you look at it yellow means standing away from the crowd.

I think those who accept yellow into their lives through interior design or otherwise don’t take themselves too seriously.

It’s a statement, as are all colours, however this one not so subtle in its display. -tM

Photography: Unknown; Image No. 3 & 4 DIMORE Studio Design

The Power of Connection

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

In these modern times, do you pray?

I have always prayed, even as a child. Nobody told me to, or even requested that I do, I don’t even know how I fell into prayer. I think maybe I just felt like I needed to be heard, but in private. I never really asked for anything, I remember always giving thanks, and being grateful for my loved ones. Now that I have respectfully grown older, I still pray and give thanks, but it happens throughout the day, rarely at bedtime. My requests have changed a little, but I still give thanks. I also meditate and connect to the universe in different ways. Prayer is such a sacred practice only for the reason that it is so deeply personal and is spoken in truth.

The importance of prayer lays in the connection I make with the universe and nature herself. It’s a way for me to feel that I am connected to everything, a devoted reminder that we all are.

I am not certain if prayer changes things, but the act of it most certainly changes us, and hopefully as a result we in turn become capable of changing things. -tM

Morning Coffee Maneuvers

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I remember, as a child, watching my mother ritualistically fill her brass coffee grinder full of beans and churn. It was part of her solemn morning coffee ceremony. I would watch in amusement as it seemed like at the time a lot of effort for one cup of Turkish coffee. The process appeared labourious to me, yet what I didn’t realize was that to her it was probably the only time she had to herself, that morning coffee ritual, still connecting to her ancestors, while raising two kids and holding down the fort.

I now have that brass coffee grinder, it sits in ornamentation. It was one thing I was adamant on having. To this day, she still makes her Turkish coffee, although with pre-ground beans, and at times exchanges the ritual for the easier one of the Nespresso.

And even though I have tried my hand at making a cup or two myself, it never turns out quite as good as my mother’s. Sometimes I think it’s because she has so much love and respect for the process, and other times I think maybe, just maybe she is in all actual fact, the coffee whisperer. -tM

*NB for those interested click on the Source link below for a little history on Turkish Kahve.

Open to Nature

Architect: Tom Kundig | House Lopez Island, near Seattle

Architect: Tom Kundig | House Lopez Island, near Seattle

What is it about bathing outside that feels so freeing and satisfying?

Perhaps it is the omnipresence of nature that elevates the escape quotient, or perhaps it is the same reason that anything cooked over a fire tastes so good; it’s in our DNA. Whatever the reason, being naked and free in water surrounded by nature’s bounty is one of life’s most extraordinary and yet simplest pleasures. -tM

To Kiss


They are kissing, on a park bench,
on the edge of an old bed, in a doorway
or on the floor of a church. Kissing
as the streets fill with balloons
or soldiers, locusts or confetti, water
or fire or dust. Kissing down through
the centuries under sun or stars, a dead tree,
an umbrella, amid derelicts. Kissing
as Christ carries his cross, as Gandhi
sings his speeches, as a bullet
careens through the air toward a child's
good heart. They are kissing,
long, deep, spacious kisses, exploring
the silence of the tongue, the mute
rungs of the upper palate, hungry
for the living flesh. They are still
kissing when the cars crash and the bombs
drop, when the babies are born crying
into the white air, when Mozart bends
to his bowl of soup and Stalin
bends to his garden. They are kissing
to begin the world again. Nothing
can stop them. They kiss until their lips
swell, their thick tongues quickening
to the budded touch, licking up
the sweet juices. I want to believe
they are kissing to save the world,
but they're not. All they know
is this press and need, these two-legged
beasts, their faces like roses crushed
together and opening, they are covering
their teeth, they are doing what they have to do
to survive the worst, they are sealing
the hard words in, they are dying
for our sins. In a broken world they are
practicing this simple and singular act
to perfection. They are holding
onto each other. They are kissing.

Dorianne Laux

To kiss; where all thoughts are dissolved, where we are ready to let go of everything we think we know and hope we can control. When two people become their own purpose.