Personal Discoveries

Photography: Jacques Henri Lartigue

Photography: Jacques Henri Lartigue

"It takes close attention to see what is happening in front of you. It takes work, pious effort, to see what you are looking at. He was mesmerized by this, the depths that were possible in the slowing of motion, the things to see, the depths of things so easy to miss in the shallow habit of seeing."

Don DeLillo, Point Omega 

Slow down and dive deep. -tM



In Public & In Private

Abstractions and detachment in life as in art, that is the beauty of Saul Leiter's photography. His compressed images embrace the simplicity and movement of life in and out of public spaces.

These are some of his secret moments disclosed, of NYC's streets and its inhabitants. -tM

Photography: Saul Leiter | NYC, 1940's-60's

Art x Life

Photography: Edward Olive | Legs of a fashion store mannequin

Photography: Edward Olive | Legs of a fashion store mannequin

Edward Olive on Art:

"Art in reality is: soul,

connections, communication, capture, preservation of moments in time, people and their insides, places and their essence, original, thought, original technique, original points of view, the provocation of thought, cathartic experiences, plays on words/puns/paradoxes, oxymoron, humor, sadness, joy, pleasure, any emotion, breaking barriers and conventions, personal exploration, the sharing of one’s experiences, obsession, reinvention, revolution, new angles on old subjects, putting together or combining preexisting elements in new ways, a reflection of an era and its norms, a reaction against the era and its conventions, a rebirth of old thoughts and techniques from the past that don’t now exist, political comment, social awareness, anything, everything."

Living, truly being alive, in and of itself is art. -tM

Time After Time


“Be inspired by the intelligence of right timing instead of frustrated by the lack of mental information..."

This may be tough for those that have a strong need ‘to know’. We have no mental idea of where we are headed with a challenge or upgrade in life, but we do have an intuitive sense that requires trust and patience. - Mystica Mamma (Paraphrased)

I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. How certain things just don't make sense in the moment, how we have to move through challenges with patience and trust in our individual journeys instead of focusing on the needing to know the purpose and the outcome. 

Timing really is everything, and at the moment I am consciously trying to trust in its intelligence of being right. -tM

The Signs of Silence

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

Silence can be powerful, strong and authoritative.

"It can communicate more than a thousand words. Silence can demonstrate that you are not to be messed with. It can represent resistance, disdain, indifference or even outright rejection. It can prompt others to rethink their position. Silence can give you time to reflect. It can be a simple pause in a conversation that has not concluded. Ultimately, silence is the only way to halt a discussion you do not want to have."

It is always the way every story ends. -tM



Deserve it, then.

take the cold bath bravely. Enjoy what is and pine for what is not. Take yourself in hand and master yourself. Make yourself do unpleasant things, so as to gain the upper hand of your soul.

Be honest, frank and fearless and get some grasp on the real values of life. 

-W.E.B. Du Bois, from a letter to Yolande Du Bois written c. October 1914. 

Intentionally live in the present, be grateful, own the situation you are in, be honest and be lionhearted in your pursuit of personal gain and understanding of yourself and life. 

I like it. Some good advice, don't you think? -tM

Photogram; Man Ray


Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Freedom may mean different things to many people.

Freedom can be infinite, it can surpass the physical; bondage cannot be limitless, only freedom can. The body, mind, and emotions have there limitations, but they also have infinite possibilities. Look at what binds you personally and see how you can transcend this. This is growth. This is part of achieving your own personal freedom. -tM