Photogarphy: Uknown

Photogarphy: Uknown

As we age, anything in particular can usher in the feeling of nostalgia.

This piece of furniture, aside from its fantastic design, does just that for me. 

This is how my family lounged on our concrete deck in the hot and bothered city in the 70's and 80's. Surrounded by potted tomatoes, like any good immigrant family, eating watermelon and finding relief from the summer heat became synonymous with family gatherings and simpler times.

It's a reminder to find your tribe (whoever they may be) and love them well. Make that connection, it's an important one. -tM

Where Do you Stand?

Designer/Artist: Axel Vervoordt | Palazzo Fortuny

Designer/Artist: Axel Vervoordt | Palazzo Fortuny

It is easy to stand with the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone.

Sometimes it's a conscious choice, and other times society makes that choice for you. Regardless of the reason, standing alone can be an incredibly powerful lesson in strength, fortitude, and sense of self. 

Staying true to oneself and living life according to your own light is not an easy feat. The older I get, the more I realize the importance of listening to and respecting ones own truth. If you remain true to yourself, you can never go wrong. And if on occasion that truth beckons you to stand on your own, then so be it. Courage comes in many forms. -tM

Private Worlds

Photography: Unknown | Yves Saint Laurent Rue de Babylone Apartment

Photography: Unknown | Yves Saint Laurent Rue de Babylone Apartment

Private worlds are fascinating places. Who are you when left alone and no one is looking?

The intimate details of ones life can be partially revealed through ones personal space. I enjoy venturing into rooms where I can become acquainted with another side of an individuals psyche. The slower the reveal, the more intriguing the story.

Although when all is said and done,  I wonder how well we actually know anyone.

What added dimensions to your character would your space reveal? -tM

Chemistry (not the Bunsen Burner kind)

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

I thought this was sincere and sweet. No matter what age we are, the ebb and flow of love, crushes, infatuations, and lustful moments may cause the above reaction. The is no mistaking its chemistry. In fact, chemistry is what it's all about, (or at least initially) isn't it? -tM

Artist in Residence: Yves Béhar

"Technology should happen in the background...I am interested in transformation." Yves Béhar

A home built around the idea that technology's participation is also a discreet presence that works in harmony with nature and its residence. This is a beautiful example of the shared balance between life and automation. -tM 

Retail Facades

The beauty and invite of a retail facade speaks volumes; words are not necessary and often overrated.

Let the strength of the architecture and the allure of the art draw you into what lays beyond the veneer. -tM

1. Boissonnerie; Paris 2. Hermes; Tokyo 3. Bike Shop; Copenhagen 4. Zara; Australia

Photography: Unknown


Photography: Eric Barker | Petronella Berg

Photography: Eric Barker | Petronella Berg

It's been on of those weeks where I have been a day a head of myself from the get go; tough on the body and tough on the mind kind of weeks.

Sometimes there is no salvation, nor is there really a need. Occasionally all you need to do is exhale, knowing that as the next day advances, the power of renewal is as real as it is meaningful. -tM

The Polaroid

Photography: Unknown | Benicio del Toro, 1980's |  Headshot

Photography: Unknown | Benicio del Toro, 1980's |  Headshot

I have always enjoyed the rawness of a Polaroid pic.

There is a moment of authenticity that occurs between the click of the button and the reveal of the photograph. The unexpected is captured in the most obvious and expected way.

I believe that the magic lays in the Polaroid Camera's flash and its unique processing colour of its actual print.

Ahhhh, nostalgia. -tM