Word of Mouth

I think there is some truth to what he says. I know that my mouth gets a note worthy amount of attention when I feel like having it live up to its full potential by dressing it up in red. -tM

Okay, last question. Why is a red lip so powerful?
Because it’s a media. We’re all red inside. I mean, its arousal, its brightness, its dynamic, it makes people look at your mouth – which is kind of freaky. That’s my theory, which no one else has really picked up on. Because a lot of women who say they aren’t comfortable with red lips is because they can’t… which means they won’t. To have someone look at your mouth is a very personal thing, it’s weird. Everyone is used to being looked in the eyes, so sometimes the thing about red is that it draws the eye to the mouth. That’s a shift in the dynamic. I like that it can mean anything. - Dick Page

Photography: Unknown