With Gusto

Photography: Unknown

A very good friend sent me the quote below as I was beginning a new chapter of my life now nearly nine years ago. And to this day, I look to these words as a reminder of what it means to live fully, and sometimes ever so necessarily even a little recklessly. -tM

"I'm not telling you to make the world, because I don't think that progress is necessarily part of the package. I'm telling you to live in it. Not just to endure it, not just to suffer it, not just to pass through it, but to live in it. To look at it. To try to get the picture. To live recklessly. To take chances. To make your own work and take pride in it. To seize the moment. And if you should ask me why you should bother to do that, I would tell you that the grave's a fine and private place, but none I think there do embrace. Nor do they sing there, or write, or argue, or see the tidal bore on the amazon, or touch their children. And that's what there is to do and get it while you can and good luck at it." - Joan Didion