Make No Apologies

1970's | Photography: Helmut Newton

Make no apologies for who you are. If there is anything I have come to understand as I continue to make my way through this life is just that. We as women in particular struggle with this more then our male counter parts for various different reasons.  Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, creed, or religion, one should never be made to feel less then for who they are, and how they choose to live their lives.

I have struggled with this most of my life. I have never truly lived freely. At times I seemed  to be meticulous about the frequency of my apologies. Responsible in life, the desire to please others, the fear of being judged, and the need to be accepted by my peers, and family became the foundation for my insecurities at a very young age. And then things slowly began to change.

The journey continues to be great, and the courage to live my life as I choose is synonymous with the fearless relationship I am still forging with myself and the world. It really does become about being courageous enough to allow your vulnerability and true self to exist autonomously from the expectations of others. And yes, eyebrows will rise, and heads will turn, but I will continue to make no apologies. I hope you will do the same.