You Are Here

Artist: Tracey EMIN

A friend of mine asked me today why I needed love in my life, and what that  love would look like for me currently as a mature woman. I knew the answer right away, and some of the reasons remain the same, but it also made me think of the fluidity of life, growth, change, and how our needs and desire for love change as we change.

Allowing myself to become introspective about the whole topic made me realize that my approach  to love has also changed; I think mostly because I have challenged loves boundaries, I have fought with its inconsistencies, I have grown to understand and love myself, and that has translated into a more compassionate love for humanity and life itself.

There is always this "search" for love, but much like happiness, it resides within ourselves. That is the most important love, the love that is most paramount in allowing you to savour a reciprocal love one day.

We all have different reasons for needing love in our lives. I think if we were all honest about the answer to that question maybe we would be more thoughtful about our choices and wouldn't be so quick to fall into it.

Monday morning ponderings.