Stay with Me

Photography: Kat Irlin

As humans we have this desire for a moment, sometimes this very moment - to stay. Sometimes I wonder whether it is the humanity that we look for in the moment that is captured by the camera.

There is an immediate reaction if not connection to the reality of the image we are engaged with. For myself, it is those secret moments, a glace across the room, the touch of a hand, or the laughter now remembered from a distance that I wish would stay.

Although some may view our obsession with the moment as narcissistic, I view it as a much needed connection to ourselves, our world, and to the benevolence of humanity at large. Perhaps that is why as the world beats to a more complex rhythm, and the further we move away from one another physically, distanced by social media, our desire to capture the moment becomes more paramount and far reaching.

What moments do you wish would stay? -tM