Look At Me

Photography: René Hobermacher

The older I get the more I appreciate eye contact. I grew up in a generation that unless you were extremely shy, you would respectfully look at the individual you were engaged in conversation with. I know and understand that social media plays a large part in our personal involve with one another, however, if we continue to disconnect at such a rapid rate, will we be able to understand and feel the humanity within us all?

I think it is the intimacy we experience with others and within ourselves that humanity as a collective has become fearful of. Our eyes never lie. We may spin tales and utter half truths with our tongues and mouths but the eyes communicate honestly.

Sometimes I will purposefully try to make eye contact with a stranger to connect to that uncomfortable and nervous state of intimacy, I want us both to feel what it means to be human. It is my personal belief that feeling uncomfortable is necessary in order to push boundaries and in  allowing oneself to become open to new possibilities and opportunities in life. I understand that eye contact with a stranger may not achieve spectacular results but it can be the catalyst to something unexpected, in and out of that moment or context.

So the next time someone looks you in the eyes or you are engaged in conversation, look not only to see, but to connect with the other and with yourself.

Learn the language of eye contact. It's a gaze in the right direction.