Rodin's The Thinker in the Sculptor's Workshop, 1900. | Photography: Unknown

I haven't been writing as much as of lately because I have been in a contemplative and reflective mood. There are moments when my thoughts sit heavy, and like the universal symbol of The Thinker I have furrowed my brow (but not too long, because furrowing your brow will cause many unwanted wrinkles; moderation is key) trying to figure out what I envision my future to be, along with what I believe I deserve,  you know,  the self love stuff that only women seem to go through.

Like when Tybalt slays Mercutio and then Romeo in haste slays Tybalt, this is a real turning point in my life, albeit not so dramatic, and thank goodness for that. But a turning point nevertheless. I find myself pivoting on one point shoe ever so gracefully, waiting for the other one to drop,  all the while thinking about my life and which direction it will/should take.  Only a woman can multi-task like this.

These lessons are all mine to learn while I ever so patiently try to just "be" and let go of my so called "control" (because really who are we kidding, we have very little of that in life). So here I am Le Penseur,  not looking nearly as confident but every bit as lost in thought, I cannot help wonder what the future will bring, not in fear, but in gratitude. For truly, whatever will be, will be. -tM