Fashion Accessory

Design: Joe Doucet

I love it when a design element becomes a fashionable item in your home. Like this ashtray for example. It performs a dual function, art piece and a catch all for tobacco ashes. What could make the cigarette (for some, the ugliest accessory of all) so chic, sexy, and enticing all over again? It almost makes me want to invite the act of le fumé into my wildly boring life again. This ashtray arouses cravings of the wild kind, the about last night kind. My life of yesterday has never felt so secretive.

Design and functionality also serve memory and imagination. A superior design piece can at times arouse an emotive sense so intense that you are transported to a place most unexpected and often times strangely familiar. But then again, that is the source of most art, isn`t it? And that is why I appreciate and covet functional design-art items in the home.

The beauty of well designed pieces is that it takes familiar objects and makes them not so familiar.  It is a gaze into the human psyche. -tM