What the Eye Spies

Photography: Unknown | The Line

I was originally drawn to this photograph because of its composition. The boardroom stance of the woman, juxtaposed with the softness of the dress, the strong angular lines of the objects, married to the smoothness of there curves, all caught my attention simultaneously.

It was only then that I really took a look at the woman's face, noticing the beautiful simplicity of her make up. From depth to artifice, I was reminded of what the right hue of blue eye shadow can do for blue eyes. And the lipstick, a natural, red coral, which much like the perfect nude has proved to be elusive, perhaps only to me.

I don't wear eye shadow often, but this photograph has inspired me to do so. I will practice my hand at capturing the exact shape above. It is good to try something new once in while, you never know what beauty from within may be revealed to you in the process.