Lipstick in Hand

Photography: Unknown | Tom Ford

Lipstick is the most powerful cosmetic out there. It can transform a mood or outfit instantaneously and it has been marketed as such. Its power lies not only its many different colour offerings but also in its promise to satisfy both men and women alike.

Phallic in its design, lipstick vows to get the job done. What job is that you ask? The one that instills self confidence. Psychologically you feel extra prepared for the day, instantly more self-assured after just one application. I have often wondered whether this is just great marketing or does having a colour barrier applied to you lips that acts like armour, create an artificial obstacle between you and the world?

Lipstick has been worn as a form of protest, the plums and darker shades expressed your sexuality and non-conformity in the 1970's, red lipstick during the holocaust gave women back their identity, they were no longer numbers in concentration camps, it restored their humanity. Even during times of recession, lipstick sales are increasingly on the rise. It really is the most inexpensive way to feel a little confidence boost.

The power of seduction is intrinsically linked to self confidence, as there is something so incredibly primal about adorning the mouth, and leaving the bodies most exposed erogenous zone in the spotlight.

It's no wonder that this little tube weal's such incredible sway. Lipstick in hand, and apparently there is no telling what obstacles can be overcome. -tM