The Essentials

Photography: tM | CÉLINE

A hoop is not just a hoop, I don't care what any one says.  Finding the right hoop earrings is a feat only known to most women. It is an essential wardrobe piece that much like goldilocks' experience with porridge and beds,  if not the right size, or fit, will simply drag your sad face and outfit down with them.  

When looking for hoops you need to take weight into consideration. The lighter the hoops, the more likeliness that they will stick out from your ears looking like potential rings that lions can jump through. Thickness and size are also important in correlation to your features, one must take in to consideration size of face, and head. Haircut/style, and volume, also need to be thrown into the mix because you simply don't want them disappearing into a voluminous abyss either or overpowering your face and features if your wearing your hair short.

This all sounds a bit too detailed for what some may think of as a trivial accessory, however, it is essential if you want to get the job done right. I have tried many and have finally found two pairs by the same designer that suit me perfectly. Gold, silver, or brass, that is of course your preference, but a good pair of hoops depending on style (I recommend you have at least 2 good pairs) can dress up, or dress down any outfit. They really are a wardrobe essential that like the black dress have in my opinion become a classic.  

It's truly an investment and gift that keeps on giving. Can there be any better kind?