In Case of Desire, Break Window

Photography: Helmut Newton | Vogue 1977

Photography: Helmut Newton | Vogue 1977

The composition of this photograph left me contemplating the world of secret longings, unrequited desires, and  the power of ones sexuality.

I am invited into a world of contrasts and oppositions. There is a clear reaching out and longing which is reciprocated with only a gaze, the juxtaposition of the light and dark of the space and skin tones, the movement of water to land, from a reminiscent Victorian fainting pose to a stoic stance. The vantage point of this visual narrative is evocative of a voyeuristic affair one might find themselves privy too.

Erotically charged, I want to bare witness to the account of desire I am left observing.

I want to know their intimate thoughts.

What about you?