A Different Approach

Artist: Unknown

So this is how I experience winter: Hustling from point A to point B so that the wind chill doesn't kick my a*$.  Once getting home not wanting to leave my house unless it is to go have dinner or a drink somewhere in my neighbourhood, and by neighbourhood I mean down the street from me. Hoping the streets remain as bare as possible so that I don't have to wear shitty shoes to and from work, ruining an entire outfit.  And more often then not, wondering why I continue to choose to live in a country with such a cold climate.

On a positive note, I do read more and watch films that I had meant to get to during the rest of the year. Feeling the weight and warmth of a duvet on your body while watching the snow gently fall outside of your window. The momentary quiet and solitude of the city during and after a snow storm. The coming home to a glass of wine or cognac to warm up what the cold so agressively made numb.  The cavalcade of lights that make the city a place you want to belong to.  And the time that it allows me to spend looking inward,  taking care of my well being.

I have always found it interesting that people's approach to summer is one of ease, where I believe that winter allows you that same opportunity. 

Maybe this winter I need to focus more on its beauty and less on what I find utterly annoying about it.

How about you? How do you approach winter?