The Essentials

Photography: Unknown | Surratt Smokey Eye Brush

First off, let me begin by stating that I am not the greatest at applying eye shadow. I can make due when it is a one colour palette but when it comes to blending and smoking it out, I need all of the help I can get.

First off, like with anything, you need the right tools. It's like sitting down to write and having a dull pencil, it will get the job done but at what expense?

Which brings me to the Surratt brush. They have one for every possible make up need, and want, however the one I want to draw attention to is the Smokey eye brush in particular. It is the softest, most luxurious, feather weight, perfectly angled brush a la Smokey eye that I have yet to come across. Don't let the fact that you practically cannot feel its fine stroke and caress on your eye fool you, it smokes and blends to perfection, creating the perfect sultry shape.

That being said you can use it to smoke out eyeliner and give it that lived in look as well as using it to apply a single colour. There is no abrasive blending and pulling of skin with this Cadillac of brushes. Although I will leave you with one caution, it is a costly investment, however, one that your eyes will thank you for. -tM