Natural Elements

The Line | Resin Cube & Petrified Wood | Adrianna Shamaris

There is a beautiful balance that is stuck when introducing natural elements into the design of your home. It is not only grounding but also illuminating. I personally like to incorporate both wood and natural stone as stand alone pieces and as accessories into my space. Stones are ingrained with geological and historical memories, while wood remains separate and solitary. I like the notion that both stone and wood have undergone a natural metamorphosis before they have reached there final design destination. Perhaps a metaphor for life itself, there is always beauty to be found in growth and with time. -tM

I like this:

“This sounds a bit mythical or mythological, but there is the feeling that the space from this material is different from that material on your skin. Some materials take off more energy… wood doesn’t need any energy from your skin. Whether it is cold or hot it doesn’t matter. You could be in a wooden building and the felt temperature is always closer to what you want. If it is too hot it is always two to three degrees colder and the other way around. Wood doesn’t need you: It stays there.”
-Architect Peter Zumthor