Gifts for the Host

With the holiday season already upon us, I got to thinking about merriment and gifting for the host. Apart from your usual gift of wine or spirits of other kinds, I like to try to personalize a gift. Of course this requires prior knowledge of your hosts style, likes, and dislikes, but the above gift suggestions could be viewed as both thoughtful, somewhat personal, and general enough to cater to all party attending situations. 

1. a) The Candle. Byredo in particular is a favourite of mine. The burn is beautiful, lasts approximately 60 hours, and the scents fill a room up for hours even after it is has been snuffed out.

   b) The Brass Match Stick Container. Whether your host smokes, lights candles, or incense, this container not only patina's beautifully with time but it is also an elegant accessory to have on display.

2. A Book. Granted this requires a little knowledge of your hosts hobbies, likes, or dislikes, butThe Book of Palms by Taschen is a great addition to any library or coffee table.

3. The Serving Tray. This Skultana tray is an artfully designed piece that can be used in anyway you choose. To serve or display, it is a gift that any host would appreciate.

4. The Change Tray.  You can keep the pattern simple or as intricate as the one above by Hermés, either way, there is always a place and a use for a catch all dish that also serves as piece of art that may accessorize an entryway table, or rest organically on the edge of a bar.

May your holidays be great and filled with some thoughtful hosting gifts you will actually use. -tM