A Change in Pace

Photography: Kat Irlin | NYC

How easy is it for you to create or allow yourself a change in pace? I often think that we are not kind enough to ourselves in that we keep moving in the way we think we should be going, whether that be in a certain direction, or at a certain speed.

Granted, there are moments when life makes that decision for us, but more often then not, we could possibly take note of where we are in our life or day, and slightly alter our pace to allow ourselves the space to just be. Slowing down, speeding up, taking a moment, whatever it may be can change the rhythm of your whole body.

That is the thing about life, it will keep moving indefinitely, but it is entirely up to us to respond to it accordingly to our rhythm. I think that we would all be better off if more of us listened to our inner metronome.

So the next time you feel anxious, sad, tired, or overwhelmed, try starting by changing your pace. Often times it can alleviate and occasionally elevate. -tM