And So On

Artist: Tony Lewis | Ect.

I have always made good use of the acronym etc. I like that you could just get lazy at the end of a sentence and say or write etc. I also like the fact that the "and so forth" could be left up to your imagination. If bored and left to the imagination, one could and I often would, conjure up very creative and so on's...

Often times I think we take ourselves and the language we choose to communicate with too seriously. I like that et cetera reveals its cracks and allows us to peer into the often clichéd in-betweens. It really is about connect the dots, & fill in the blanks yourselves. It's a lazy person's term in a very busy world. Most often used in writing and not merely as enough in speech,  while no longer used in a matter of prestige by monarchs at the end of their lengthy name to indicate all of the territories they have acquired, our et cetera has taken on a humble existence.

In a society that is using language less and less, where emoticon's are taking the place of words and vocabulary, I fear that our good friend et cetera, while mostly used in place of a list too tedious or clichéd to give in full, will itself become an after thought taking up home in the dictionaries of the past and perhaps even finding itself used ironically on someone's t-shirt.

 Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to cetera.