The Writing on the Mirror

Photography: Photofest | Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall..." there is "no sale," today.  The reflection in the mirror does not lie, neither does the camera. Aging can sometimes be cruel. And even though I welcome so many aspects of the aging process,  adoring and appreciating the woman I have become through life's generosity; offering me many opportunities to reflect and grow. However, I find it a little disconcerting and still have difficulty with the lines, the bags, and the loss of elasticity in the skin that tend to be more pronounced on certain days then others.

There is no magic formula except for a better sleep, trying to hold a tan as long as possible to reduce the visibility of the lines and increase the natural glow from within without lotions or potions, staying hydrated, and taking your fish and flax seed oils. And of course, OF COURSE, finding a great shade of lipstick to brighten the entire face (I recommend finding a red hue that works for you).

Some days are better then others, and as women we need to remember to be kind to ourselves, accepting and appreciating where we are today, how far we have come,  and trying not to focus on the lines and imperfections as often, and instead honouring the strength, honesty, and the truth of our beauty.

 In my opinion there is no beauty without truth and kindness. And on those days when we can't see past the mirror, throw on a little extra concealer, a good lipstick, and a some perfume, and know tomorrow will be a better day. -tM