Admit One, Pleasure Only Please

Artist: Unknown

Guilty pleasure. I have never understood this concept. Having a guilty pleasure, especially when it comes to food, sleep, and sex? Why does there have to be any guilt around anything that you find pleasurable? Why not just allow yourself to enjoy and revel in the satisfaction?

I suspect this dates back to the Catholic church, pleasures and guilt and the complex controlling relationship it has with God, its worshippers, and indulgences. Quite similarly and in its complexity, guilt has also been known to increase ones pleasure quotient. I think it has something to do with how we experience guilt in our culture and the cognitive connection between guilt and pleasure, which is cleverly used by marketing companies selling these experiences to us; Las Vegas IS Sin City.

Regardless of its in's and out's and my over analytical blurb on the neon sign, I say leave the saddle of guilt behind and allow yourself to gallop toward pleasure and gratification.

Happy Holidays folks! -tM