Photography: Uknown

Rarely do we speak of our secret fantasies, the ones that entertain us in the deep caverns of our mind. These fantasies are deeply enjoyable and more often times then naught, taboo. They range from someone's demise to having sex with inappropriate people.

These fantasies if shared can have us ostracised, fired, or even divorced.  However in my opinion, fantasies that are at odds with reality are actually healthy. I think it goes back to the way we used to play "out loud" as children, only to have it become imaginatively inappropriate to express ourselves in such an obvious way as adults, so we turn inward, deeply inward.

Fantasies are ways of acknowledging what we need or they can be a way of giving the brain a much needed rest from reality.

Collectively most of us are secretly musing and concealing our clandestine thoughts, making one realize that just when we think we know someone, we in fact don't know them well enough at all.

But then again, a little mystery is always enticing. -tM