Photography: Alfred Stieglitz | Hands

It is around this time of year that people want to make amends, to forgive, hoping to move into the new year a little less hindered and a little more free.

Forgiveness deserves glamour. It should fill others hearts with compassion, yet it becomes increasingly difficult to do if you are the one that is always putting forgiveness into practice. It is most certainly not just a recourse for the weak, yet it seems to be most admirable when it manifests itself in the strong, when it is recognized as strength and maturity, a symptom of greatness of heart.

I think forgiveness should be celebrated just as equally, from the vulnerable of heart to that of the strong and ego ridden soul and everything in between. It is no easier for one then for the other.

There are so many undertakings in life, so many difficult journeys to move through, don't let apologies and forgiveness be part of those toils. It takes courage and it takes strength.

My hope for this coming year is that we all heroic enough to forgive. It can be a test of our own limits, pushing us toward unexpected transformation. -tM