New Year's Promise

Photography: Philippe Halsman

As we collectively get ready to leave or squash another year behind, the New Year resolution confessional has also started to chime in.

Sometimes there is no resolve to a resolution, especially when we set our heights so high at the beginning of every New Year. The sentiment is a lovely one, and I whole heartedly believe that personal growth and the goals associated with them, are the promises we make to better ourselves, in spirit and in mind, however, I don't subscribe to them in this fashion.

I think that we need to set goals throughout the year, to continually move toward something new, something  at times even uncomfortable. Growth isn't losing 15 lbs, it is learning to love yourself as is and because of that making healthy food choices throughout the year.  It isn't quiting smoking because it is bad for you, it is wanting to not be victim to an addiction any longer.  Perhaps the reasons why some of these New Year's resolutions don't see the light of day is because of the thought processes that accompany them.

All I know is that we should take note and take care throughout the year, and also learn to love and appreciate all that we do have.  Perhaps then we will worry less, forgive more, and begin to be more compassionate toward ourselves and others. -tM