The Art of Conversation

Artist: Jean Michel Basquiat

What has happened to art of conversation? Truly good conversations come a long ever so rarely these days. A good conversation can feel haphazard at the best of times, leaving one wondering if and when there will be another such engagement that one can rsvp to.

Good conversation is a skill. Something I believe we are quickly losing sight of for some obvious reasons (social media). There is a give and take, a sense of connection, confirmation, and clarification, a moment when you feel that judgement has taken a back seat to the emotions and ideas that have become confessionals of the secular kind.

An exchange of this kind also sharpens our ideas through possible correction,  thoughts are challenged,  thinking with others becomes an exercise in courage; refining issues with their insights.

The next time you simply "fall" into a conversation think about its function. What purpose is it serving? Is it talking for the sake of talking? Will you choose to or  be brave enough to engineer its direction and be the cultivating force in its development?

Artful or not, too many of us are talking but not deeply enough. -tM