Where do you lay your anxieties to rest? Is it through travel or imagination?

I completely give myself over to the ocean, a lake, or even pool. In fact, any body of water. Perhaps it is the scale of the ocean, its grandeur that makes my worries seem insignificant. The calm of the lake or the spaceship iridescence of the pool lights that pull me away from the world and back into myself.

Stress in our lives is fueled by our inability to be sufficiently alone, mentally, and physically. Individually we do not have enough space or distance to sort out our thoughts, nor do our bodies ever adequately let go. Poised in the presence of others, we hold our bodies differently, face on, there is no room or time for self reflection within the confines of our work lives.

This is why the ocean, the open road, the desert, are all places that allow us to feel the mystery of life, where we realize we are part of something significantly larger then ourselves. That brings calm; connecting us to the source of life itself.

There are opportunities everyday to do so. All we have to do is look at up at the sky or stars, remember to look up when all else fails. I often think we forget that there is always space and the opportunity for serenity overhead. -tM