You Are Here

Artist: Unknown

Verging on a New Year, this art piece currently reflects how I feel. Things are a little out of sorts, a touch surreal, and strangely peaceful at the same time.  You see, my  life has taken me to places I never expected to be at by the end of 2016. I knew it was going to be a year of breaking, of things falling apart, and it was, however, I have been completely moved by its force and its unexpected tenacity.

Sometimes in order to build, you must destroy.

Usually, when a New Year beckons I think nothing of it, in fact, September feels more like a new beginning for me. However, this year,  and on this eve, I feel the desire for a new beginning beckoning deep from within the earth's core.  I wonder if it is a result of all the suffering and loss that the world has experienced this year. Perhaps it is the collective consciousness that I am feeling, or maybe it truly is just personal.

So here we are, awaiting a New Year and a new astrological cycle. This one will be fascinating, leaving all that is broken behind and making space for the creative rebuild. I think it will be inspiring. - tM