A Red Lip Piece


The power of a red lip is undeniable. You may as well be holding a piece in your brassier. It is the woman's not so secret, secret weapon. It is the simplest way to lift an outfit, a face, or a mood. That is why every woman is always searching for the perfect red to suit her skin tone. It changes the way you walk, the way you eat, the way your speak. You become so aware of what your lips look and feel  like, it is in essence the  essential lingerie for the lips. 

 It takes practice and confidence to pull a red lip off. In parts of France you are not allowed to wear a red lip until you are twenty-one. It is a right of passage from youth to womanhood, and rightfully so. There is something so sexually alluring about a red lip, that at times one may need to proceed with caution.

One of the first accounts of the red lip is affiliated with the Mesopotamian women (and men). Later Cleopatra was known for crushing beetles and ants to stain her lips the perfect shade of red. In the 1700's English Queen's took a liking to the pale face and red lip, but it wasn't until the film stars of the 1920's and 1930's that made the red lip a fashion statement and part of popular culture. In the 1950's Marilyn Monroe took the red lip to a new height of sexy, and the rest as they say is history. Since then it has been in and out of the spotlight as new colours and trends appear, but any woman knows that there is nothing more classy, elegant, and powerful then donning a red lip. In fact, you may as well be concealing a weapon, because a red lip worn right is confidence magnified.

Photographer: Unknown, Advertisement for Louis Vuitton Lipstick