Photography: Unknown

If eyes are deemed the gateway to our souls, then our hands are the tools that aid in expression of that very spirit.

We give, we create, we toil, we destroy, and we surrender with those same hands.  There is an undeniable duality to their movement, expression, and purpose we choose to give them.  Holding a hand can be just as intimate as looking into a passersby eyes.  It unlocks something, you become intimately involved with the individual if only just for a moment. You begin to feel who they are, their hopes, their dreams, their losses, and the triumphs in which they have gained. 

Your hands speak to the life you have lived. There is an intangible connection between the story that the eyes tell and journey the hands take.  The reality of containing our lives in our own hands is fact.  Our hands hold the story of that life. They create and tell of its evolution. -tM