The French and the Italian's do lingerie so well. It is an essential part of their wardrobe and what I believe to be their confidence. It is the final barrier to the fully nude female, a second skin that simultaneously clings to the body in modesty and eroticism. It can be just as sensual of a ritual of putting it on as it can be of taking it partially off.

There is a power and self assurance that is served by wearing beautiful lingerie under ones clothes. The way it feels on the skin, against certain fabrics, the cut, the shape, are all things to be taken into consideration when dressing. Certain clothes require only certain kinds of lingerie. Wearing lingerie really makes one aware of their body, of its curves, and its movements. It activates presence of mind and confidence.  Truth be told, on certain days  the power a woman exudes may all come down to her underpinnings.


Photographer: Mario Testino; Kate Moss