Harmonious Match

I have always been of the thought and belief that matchy-matchy was super sophisticated, and easy to do. Perhaps it resonates with me because of the era I grew up in where  you couldn't leave the house if your shoes didn't at least match your purse, or shirt; or even worse when your make-up and nail polish would have to match all of your accessories. 

Personally I think it allows for an easy recipe to put together a polished and super cosmopolitan look. Caroline Bessette Kennedy was flawless at making things match in a very organic way.  Really, the equation is simple, you only need to match two items of clothing/accessories. I  always make sure that my shoes and bag are living in harmony and not competing for the attention of the other. Another easy one is blazer to pants or skirt, jacket or top half to bag, coat to shoes, so that eyes follow through from top to bottom and don't stop anywhere along the way in shock and horror.

To much pattern mixing and colour blocking has always been a trend that comes and goes, but matchy-matchy has withstood the test of time. It just depends how committed you are to the entire process and to finding that harmonious match.


Photographer: Unknown, Image: Self Service Magazine