Balancing a New Year

Along with the finale of summer comes the end of the cavalier days that have endlessly journeyed into nights.  

There is a certain loss that is experienced with the passing of each season; that being said, some are grieved with greater sorrow then others. For myself, September brings with it a New Year, more so then January ever has. I have never been one to make resolutions, however, September has always been a reflective month for me. It is a time when I think about what direction I want the year to go in, a time when I set personal and professional goals for myself, and think about what growth means for me even in the most minuscule of ways.

This year is all about poise for me. It is about taking the emotion out of the equation and offsetting it with logical thought. That being said, this does not apply to every circumstance, just to certain individuals in my life and to specific situations and scenarios. It is also about restoring-creating balance in my day to day life. There needs to be time for work, creativity, and spontaneity, not only on the weekends but also Monday-Friday. One of my significant intentions this year is to nurture my creativity and open up opportunities for collaboration with others.

How about you, does September usher in new beginnings for you also?  Do you set any resolutions, or do you just ride the waves and see where you end up? Either way, whether you are making it through another year, riding the waves, or just simply living your life, it all comes down to some form of balance doesn't it? The solution is in creating the right amount of balance for yourself. It is an ongoing process, as life is fluid, and so the approach to balance must be as well. 


Photographer: Guy Bourdin