Draw Me a Bath

7 Bathtubs painted with Ball Point Pen Ink. Artist: Jane Fabre, 1988

The simplicity of taking to the bath has been lost on most of us here in North America. What was once a ritual at the end of the day has now perhaps turned into an art at the end of a month, or worse yet, a yearly over the top huge romantic interlude with your partner that carries with it great expectations. When did everything become so complicated? And how did the  moment of letting your limbs and body find solace in a cleansing soak become replaced with a quick in and out of the shower? I suppose this is just a result of how busy our lives have gotten, or how we have replaced one ritual for perhaps another habit, i.e. social media.

I think that as the days are getting shorter and autumn-winter approaches, our daily practices tend to linger closer to home, and so should our allowance for baths.  We could all use a little extra time taking care of ourselves. Baths help us relax our mind and muscles, they increase blood circulation, they open our pores and free us from toxins that our bodies have been holding on to for possibly way to long.

Baths have a way of allowing us to remove any of the days obstacles while aiding in untying of the mind.