A Still Life

Still Life. Lartigue. Opio Village, Provence, 1963

This photograph of a "Still" made me think about what it means to live a "still" life in present day terms.  What does it entail and how does it reconcile itself with the increasingly occupied ways with which we choose to live our lives.

I think of a "still" life as expressively meaning a deep silence and calm that comes from within. A strength that is greater then the force of any anger, or any desire. An ability to move through your day no matter where the shadows fall, to be able to find peace of mind amidst the chaos and the loss that sometimes we unabashedly surrender to in life.

For some, silence has become synonymous with being unproductive, and for others allowing the  outside stimuli to take control has made silence a very uncomfortable phenonmenon. It has become an "event" that some would like to elude.  Our ancestors sat in silence and stillness all of the time. As our world has increasingly become more complicated and our lives inundated with facts, and figures, our innate ability to find and harness the silence that comes from within is faltering and is perhaps close to extinction for generations to come if we don't learn how to breathe again.

Coming to terms with the deep silence and calm that lays within you is a personal journey and on ongoing one. But it is an important one. Perhaps one of the most important relationships you enter into with yourself as it changes the way you move through the world and they way you come to understand yourself.

What makes you still?