Considerable Proportions

Tom Ford. Photographer: Unknown

Can we talk proportions here for a moment. And in particular the proportion of a bag to ones body shape, and height. There are all kinds of body shapes and sizes out there, and in opposition to that there are just as many bags, purses, totes, & attaché cases,  to aid in creating a visual flow to match your own personal stature.

If you lean more toward being curvy and voluptuous, then a teeny tiny purse throws off the beauty of your curves. The same goes for a petite woman who disappears while holding a large bucket bag which could potentially become a second home for her if need be. Sometimes we don't realize or even take into consideration the size of a bag, other then for utilitarian purposes, but just as much thought needs to be put into choosing a bag as the clothes we fit ourselves with.

Design, strap, no strap, zipper, fold over clutch, work, a formal event, winter, summer, spring, fall, we take all of the above into consideration, but yet throw caution to the wind when it comes to proportions. Why?

So the next time you set out to purchase or to even match a bag to your outfit, think about how it works with your physical stature as well as what purpose it needs to serve, because proportions and architecture aren't just meant for buildings and houses, they can also make or break a look. -tM