Poised I

KXG Artisanal Collection 2014 | Photography: Krishna Godhead

This is part of the current Haute-A-Porter exhibit featured at the Modemuseum Hasslet. This display of clothing (part of a 2014 Collection), and choice of photographic style is an incredible ode to what once was, and how it has evolved to be part of Haute Couture today. Lady Macbeth and Shakespeare came to mind as soon as I became involved with this photograph. The hobble skirt of the early 1900's and Paul Poiret are also referenced in this theatrical and exaggerated display.

There is something familiar and inviting about a styled photograph like this. Perhaps it is the knowing and understanding that like Shakespeare's universal themes that have withstood the passing of time; clothing also speaks the same language. What once was, will always be, and although evolving in complexity there will always be the understanding that the past can bring with it certain familiarities that sometimes merge with the future. -tM