Undiscovered Content

Grand Central Station | Photography: Kat Irlin

Life is full of moments.

There is no telling when the foundation you built your entire sense of self around will shift, or sometimes even fragment into a million unfamiliar pieces that unlike a puzzle no longer fit together.  Strangely enough despite all of the unknowns, there is a light that moves through you revealing this undiscovered content.  It often rises to the surfaces when life decides to "ruffle your feathers." Sometimes you discover strengths you didn't know you had, and other times you come face to face with a certain aspect of yourself you didn't even know you carried within.  And then there are the times,  within those life changing moments when you begin to let go of habits that have become part of your identity in order to allow for the evolve of a new self. 

This undiscovered content makes this journey so much more promising and satisfying. Sometimes as difficult as it is,

You just have to let go and make room for the new.