Next Stop, Monotony

Sometimes it feels the same. The routine, wake, eat, dress, transit, work, work, work, transit, undress, eat, sleep.  Sometimes, all I have to get me through a day is my outfit. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the psychology behind it is everything but. It's a "fake it 'til you make it" kind of an attitude that translates itself into an entire ensemble.

One could never guess my profession by the way I dress. It has never been about fitting into a type for me. It has always been about my mood, my sense of self, and as I evolve so does my choice in attire.

The forecast calls for possible rain tomorrow, and it's a Wednesday. Tomorrow's outfit may need to be strategized tonight. I might need a little extra je ne sais quoi to get me through mid week.

How about you? 

-tM | Photography: Kat Irlin