A Passage

I am a fan of hallways. I always have been, no matter how opulent or how simple in manner I think that they are an important design feature of any space, especially your home.  I have never enjoyed coming into a space without having an interior passage to separate or cushion the living area from the entry way. It may sound strange, but a door opening into the intimacy of a living space, without the hall as a separator, feels like an invasion of privacy.

In many cases hallways not only separate but they also allow you to prepare to make an entrance as well as an inconspicuous exit. They are an architectural part of the entry way of the home that now a days with new builds is being overlooked so that square footage is not wasted.

So the next time you find yourself moving through corridors, allow yourself the moment to think about the discovery of what you may find at the end of that passage. Familiar or not, the beginning or the end of a hallway always carry with it an element of the unexpected.


Photographers: Unknown